About release schedules and further plans

Hey there!

It’s been yet another week so here we are again.

With everyone still busy with personal matters, there are no ROM related changes this week. There are some device related changes for some devices which you can find in the Changelog.

As this has been the second WEEKLY without any real changes, our team discussed a revision of our release-plans and schedules.

We concluded that in order to take off pressure and save power (build-servers don’t just run on love), we’re going to move to monthly releases for the rest of the Noct release schedule. We’re still working on some features, like built-in themes, and, of course, we’re still taking care of Android security patches.

The first RELEASE builds will be out early next month, after the next security patch is merged.

We’re also still open to new devices joining our lineup, keep in mind to apply to be a maintainer if you want to see your device included in our official releases.

See you next month 🙂

-M5 + core


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