April Security Updates

April Security Updates

April Security Patches are merged! Thus, a new round of Weeklies are building. We know it hasn’t been a week yet, but we’re trying to get back to Tuesdays for Weekly releases so this is the first step in the right direction 😅.

Along with the April ASBs, we have fixed some bugs you guys discovered (ex. multi-touch), re-added the widely requested Network Indicator, and reverted the font back to Roboto (default AOSP font). This wouldn’t be a good post without some behind the scenes info though; the DU Theme Chooser integration is in the works. We were on the verge of merging it until we discovered an alarming bug: it breaks encrypted devices that use Full Disk Encryption (which would be about 70% of our supported devices). So you heard it here first, we’re working with Dirty Unicorns and OmniROM to fix the issues so that the things you want can make it into the ROM as soon as possible.

Happy flashingÂ đŸ”„

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