Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements, CASH and Chinese Food.

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements, CASH and Chinese Food.

The week is over already again, and so here we are.

This week was mainly about “bug fixes and performance improvements”.

We fixed a bunch of nasty small issues, mainly noticeable is probably that we fixed the permanently showing up SDCard Notification.

But that’s not it just yet.
The Sony Xperia XZ, XZ Premium and XZ1 received CASH. CASH is the Camera Augmented Sensing Helper. It uses the distance sensor on your phone to focus in pictures. During our tests the so far admittedly terrible camera focus is working perfectly fine and rather instantaneously now. Also, as these devices had no builds last week, the vendor missmatch is fixed on this weeks builds.

Also we got reports of Snapchat and other apps crashing on marlin and sailfish as well as Google Camera not working. Thanks to you reporting logs and helping us in fixing the bugs, both of those issues are ironed out now.

Now, that’s still not it though. You might wonder why the “Chinese Food” part in the headline.
Well, the answer is simple. The OnePlus 5T joined our growing list of officially supported devices and I like bad puns. So here we go. Dumpling is now officially supported.

Along with dumpling, the Sony Xperia Z1 is rejoining the roaster. Honami build will appear here very soon.

Now with all that said: Happy Updating and see you next week 🙂



  • Hi,

    Sorry, but the last update make my phone reboot and going back to recovery…

    Sony Xperia Z3C.
    Dalvik & Cache emptyied.


    Thank you for your help

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