Daily Changelog

*Changes do not indicate successful weekly compilation*

--- Changed on 2018-04-24 ---

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: remove vendorsetup

--- Changed on 2018-04-23 ---

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: Remove USB HAL service

--- Changed on 2018-04-22 ---

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: Czech translation

--- Changed on 2018-04-20 ---

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: Revert "enable DM-verity"

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: Revert "switch encription to ice"

android_device_sony_yoshino-common: Revert "Add quota support to data partition"

android_device_sony_tone-common: Revert "enable DM-verity"

android_device_sony_tone-common: Revert "switch encription to ice"

android_device_sony_tone-common: Revert "Add quota support to data partition"

--- Changed on 2018-04-19 ---

android_frameworks_base: Smart Pixels: Switch to registered receiver

android_frameworks_base: Smart Pixels: Move out of SystemUI

--- Changed on 2018-04-18 ---

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Add bluetooth firmware and allow wcnss_filter access

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Unpin APT-X libraries

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Remove and disable DPM and unlinked blobs

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CF: Add Smart Pixels warning

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: Refactor Smart Pixels tile

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CF: Update Smart Pixels menu

android_build_make: libart: Turn off jit profiles and just use speed

android_build_soong: Build support for 32-bit armv8-a

android_bionic: Remove an obsolete aarch64 hack.

android_bionic: Optimize the clone() system call on ARM(64).

android_bionic: bionic: strip libc and linker

android_packages_apps_Settings: Settings: Add index rules for our CarbonFibers features

--- Changed on 2018-04-17 ---

android_device_xiaomi_mido: Hw key overlay fix

android_device_xiaomi_mido: Hw Key Overlay

android_build_make: build: kernel: Use LLVM_PREBUILTS_VERSION if no version is specified

android_build_make: Don't enable ANDROID_BINDER_IPC_32BIT for mixed userspace/kernel

--- Changed on 2018-04-16 ---

android_device_google_wahoo: Enable battery light on taimen

android_frameworks_base: Camera: Force HAL1 for predefined package list.

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Pin graphics stack from OPM1.170911.254

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Wait for kernel driver to be ready

android_packages_apps_Settings: Fix memory leak of DataSaverPreference

android_packages_apps_Settings: Fix memory leak of page "Languages & input"

--- Changed on 2018-04-15 ---

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Move rw_dir_file macro definition to msm8974-common

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974: sepolicy: import rw_dir_file definition from shinano

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: Bring back doze and integrate it under display settings

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: Convert lights HAL into a native binderized HAL

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: Remove camera provider HAL fork

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998-common: PocketMode: Remove useless cast

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: import thermal hal from LA.UM.6.4.r1-07600-8x98.0

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: import vr hal from LA.UM.6.4.r1-07600-8x98.0

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: Set matching build fingerprint for system, vendor and boot images

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: require at least 5.0.4 firmware

android_device_oneplus_cheeseburger: cheeseburger: use fingerprint from 5.0.4

android_device_xiaomi_mido: Bring Back Hw key backlight

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Add powerhint from a1

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Load proper thermal-engine configs

android_device_xiaomi_mido: mido: Update thermal-engine to O

--- Changed on 2018-04-14 ---

android_kernel_oneplus_msm8974: Revert "touchscreen: fire a small vibration on dt2w"

--- Changed on 2018-04-12 ---

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: Add Smart Pixels tile

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CF: Smart Pixels [2/2]

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: Smart Pixels [1/2]

android_device_oneplus_oneplus2: oneplus2: Enable Smart Pixels

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano: add missing socket flag to wpa_supplicant

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: add aptX support

--- Changed on 2018-04-10 ---

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Update fingerprint to OPM1.180104.141/272

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Move HIDL shims to vendor

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Remove unlinked blobs

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Move sysconfig XMLs to vendor

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Remove early_boot.sh

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Label init.mata.hdmi.sh

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Disable xtwifi-client

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Sort listing

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Sdcardfs is now the default. Remove unnecessary prop.

android_device_essential_mata: mata: fix HDMI hot plug detect

android_device_essential_mata: mata: ordering

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Enable TARGET_USES_QTI_CAMERA_DEVICE

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Add UCE service

android_device_essential_mata: mata: update audio configs from stock 8.1 OPM1.180104.092

--- Changed on 2018-04-09 ---

android_device_huawei_angler: angler: enable smart pixels

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: Enable Smart Pixels

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: Enable Smart Pixels

android_frameworks_base: base: remove battery percent from QS pulldown when icon is hidden

android_hardware_libhardware: audio_amplifier: add hooks for stream parameter manipulation

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: audio: use new stream parameter hooks to handle ANC

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: don't fuck with start order of graphics stack

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: add Snap to auxlist

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: Enable Smart Pixels

android_frameworks_base: Add NOTICE for SmartPixels

android_device_google_taimen: taimen: Enable Smart Pixels

android_packages_apps_Settings: Settings: External Smart Pixels fragment launch

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: screen-dimmer-pixel-filter

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CF: Some more clean up

android_external_libpng: libpng: Optimize png_do_expand_palette with NEON.

--- Changed on 2018-04-08 ---

android_vendor_carbon: CR Fonts: Add more user suggested fonts

--- Changed on 2018-04-07 ---

android_bionic: libc: import ARM strcmp from newlib

android_bionic: Revert "libc: ARM: add Apple strcmp"

android_bionic: [AArch64]memcmp.S: optimize for medium to large sizes

android_bionic: libc: arm: Optimise memchr for NEON-enabled processors

android_bionic: Add remaining AArch32 and ARM64 builtin math routines

android_bionic: Use builtins for fma/fmax/fmin/round on arm64.

android_system_sepolicy: sepolicy: Implement rules for font service in o-mr1

android_packages_apps_Settings: Settings: Add Font preference for font manager

android_frameworks_base: base: dynamic font fix for FDE devices

android_frameworks_base: fwb: Introduce FontService

android_frameworks_base: Fonts: Update keyguard when font changes

android_system_sepolicy: sepolicy: Add rules for FontService

android_vendor_carbon: Add CR font package

android_kernel_sony_msm8974: net: wireless: bcmdhd: fix buffer overrun in private command path

android_frameworks_base: Recents: allow single tap on app icon to show app info overlay

android_vendor_carbon: sdclang: Do not perform excessive debugging on user builds [2/2]

android_vendor_carbon: sdclang: Do not perform excessive debugging on user builds

--- Changed on 2018-04-05 ---

android_external_selinux: libsepol/cil: Improve processing of context rules

android_external_selinux: libsepol/cil: Create new keep field for type attribute sets

android_external_selinux: libsepol: cil: Keep type[attribute] declarations when attributizing.

android: manifest: Track our own external/libpng

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CF: Clean up

android_device_sony_castor_windy: sepolicy: Use the real path for sysfs nodes instead of symlinks

android_device_sony_z3c: sepolicy: Use the real path for sysfs nodes instead of symlinks

android_device_sony_z3: sepolicy: Use the real path for sysfs nodes instead of symlinks

android: Revert "Track Carbon fonts"

android_vendor_carbon: Revert "config: Use Carbon fonts"

android_frameworks_base: Revert "fonts: Set Nunito as default sans font"

--- Changed on 2018-04-04 ---

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: sepolicy: fix a derp in file_contexts

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: Disable secure discard on lockscreen settings

android_device_oneplus_oneplus2: oneplus2: add back some overlays

android_device_oppo_common: oppo: Update intent-filter for Carbon

android_art: build: switch ART to performance mode if possible

android_frameworks_base: ViewConfiguration: Set scroll friction to 0.012

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: Tiny expanding improvement

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: force a clock update if the screen is turned back on

android_external_sqlite: sqlite: Upgrade to SQLite 3.22.0

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: Fix task lock & freeform buttons placement

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: locked tasks should have a valid view

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: Support recents task locking

android_frameworks_base: fwb: Append app name to screenshot file

android_frameworks_base: Don't wait for Bluetooth when shutting down

android_frameworks_base: Don't wait for NFC when shutting down.

android_frameworks_base: Fix low probability deadlock

android_frameworks_base: Explicitly restart the killed wallpaper service

android: manifest: Track our own external/sqlite

android: manifest: Track our own art

android_device_sony_sirius: sirius: Move sensor_def_qcomdev back to system

android_device_sony_castor_windy: castor: Move sensor_def_qcomdev back to system

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano-common: Add timekeep to deps

--- Changed on 2018-04-03 ---

android_system_core: Revert "core: load ro.control_privapp_permissions from /system"

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CF: Status bar network traffic [2/2]

android_frameworks_base: fwb: Status bar network traffic [1/2]

--- Changed on 2018-04-02 ---

android_device_google_taimen: taimen: Update to April Fingerprint

android_vendor_carbon: apn: Add APN for spusu MVNO

android_vendor_carbon: lineage: Allow IPv6 on roaming for T-Mobile US APNs

android_vendor_carbon: lineage: Consolidate T-Mobile US APNs

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: update vzw apns

android_vendor_carbon: Add APN for iD Mobile UK MVNO

android_vendor_carbon: Added Cape Verde carrier CVMóvel default APN as configured by sales agents

--- Changed on 2018-04-01 ---

android_device_google_taimen: taimen: Exclude ModemService from powersave

android_device_google_taimen: taimen: Whitelist more vital privapps

android_device_google_taimen: taimen: Add Google platform certificate

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: overlay: enable the battery LEDs settings

android_device_oneplus_bacon: bacon: overlays: add button lights overlays

android_frameworks_base: BatteryMeterView: show battery while charging when its inside icon

android_frameworks_base: BatteryMeterView: dont forceshow battery percent when its inside battery

--- Changed on 2018-03-31 ---

android_device_sony_sirius: sirius: label sysfs touch interfaces

android_device_sony_castor_windy: castor (windy): label sysfs touch interfaces

android_device_sony_z3: z3: label sysfs touch interfaces

android_device_sony_z3c: z3c: label sysfs touch interfaces

android_frameworks_native: Fix broken input tests

android_frameworks_native: Fix resampling for multiple pointers

android_device_sony_shinano-common: kitakami: Set res_info graphics node ownership

android_device_essential_mata: mata: use los defconfig

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Move sensor configs to vendor

android_device_essential_mata: mata: Directly use vendor/bin as binary path

android_device_xiaomi_msm8956-common: msm8956-common: Fix Deps

android_device_xiaomi_mido: Dont use linaro

android_device_xiaomi_kenzo: kenzo: Fix Deps

android_device_sony_castor_windy: castor_windy: Fix Deps

android_device_sony_castor: castor: Fix Deps

android_device_sony_sirius: sirius: Fix Deps

--- Changed on 2018-03-30 ---

android_build_make: build: Allow building disabled vbmeta images

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Launcher: dont hide quicksearchbox

android_packages_apps_Settings: Revert "Refresh UI on force stop/disable"

android_device_google_wahoo: wahoo: Include Ambient Music

android_device_google_wahoo: wahoo: Disable AVB for custom ROMs

android_device_google_taimen: taimen: Add Google platform certificate

android_device_google_wahoo: wahoo: Enable WiFi display

android_device_sony_common: Revert "add PRODUCT_DEFAULT_DEV_CERTIFICATE"

android_build_make: core: allow specifying building ramdisk(s) with lzma

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Update Lineage repos

android_build_make: core: dt_image: move to the new dtbtool path

android_build_make: core: dt_image: dtbToolCM >> dtbToolLineage

android: carbon-caf: track system_tools_dtbtool

android_frameworks_base: Camera: allow camera to use power key as shutter

android_packages_apps_Snap: Remove lineage sdk dependency

android: manifest: track Snap

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: Fibers: add toggle to allow untrusted overlays (2/2)

android_frameworks_base: base: add toggle to allow untrusted overlays to be installed (1/2)

android_packages_apps_Settings: preferences: Add public mutators to boolean prefs

android_device_huawei_angler: fix defconfig name

android_device_oneplus_oneplus3: oneplus3: Initial SEPolicy changes to get user builds booting

android_device_oppo_common: oppo_common: Add carbon.dependencies

--- Changed on 2018-03-29 ---

android_build_make: build: Introduce SubstratumService

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: sony: msm8974: Add missing sepolicy rule for uncrypt.

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: sepolicy: remove rmt_storage workarounds

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: sony-8974: SEPolicy: Rework taimport policy.

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: sony-8974: sepolicy: Use rmt_storage from qcom/sepolicy.

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: sony-8974: SEPolicy: Fix additional sensor init denials.

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: sony-8974: SEPolicy: Fix rild-binder policy.

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: sony-8974: SEPolicy: Add permissions for clean installations.

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: sony-8974: SEpolicy: Allow credmgrd init script execution.

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: sepolicy: Prepare for user builds

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: sepolicy: Resolve rmt_storage denials

android_system_sepolicy: SELinux: added to the policies without entries into the compatibility mapping file

android_system_sepolicy: Introduce sepolicy exceptions for theme assets

android_system_sepolicy: Initial sepolicy rules for substratum service

android_packages_apps_Settings: Themes: Settings: expose msim color picker text colors

android_packages_apps_Settings: Themes: Settings: expose condition/suggestion colors for themes

android_packages_apps_Settings: Themes: Settings: Expose switchbar background color

android_packages_apps_Settings: Themes: Settings: Expose storage summary text

android_packages_apps_Settings: Themes: Settings: Expose storage icon colors

android_packages_apps_Settings: Themes: Settings: Unlink Network & Internet and Wifi dashboard icon

android_packages_apps_Settings: Settings: Introduce Substratum changes.

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: Reload more assets on overlay change

android_frameworks_base: Themes: Fix theming Qs expand/collapse drawable

android_frameworks_base: Themes: Notification tint: add bool to enable algorithm for dark backgrounds

android_frameworks_base: Themes: SystemUI: expose screen pinning colors

android_frameworks_base: Themes: Expose power save mode color

android_frameworks_base: Fix Substratum themes making powermenu transparent in some cases

android_frameworks_base: Themes: SystemUI: Expose QS background opacity

android_frameworks_base: Themes: SystemUI: Expose QS edit item decoration background color

android_frameworks_base: Themes: Allow Permission Icons to be fully themed

android_frameworks_base: Themes: Allow Immersive cling colors to be fully themed

android_frameworks_base: Themes: Expose resolver hardcoded colors

android_frameworks_base: Themes: base: expose toast colors for themes

android_frameworks_base: Themes: Expose Keyguard affordance circle background

android_frameworks_base: Themes: Allow volume slider and thumb to work with custom images.

android_frameworks_base: Themes: Expose Screenshot flash and background colors

android_frameworks_base: Themes: Expose Keyboard Shortcuts Dialog

android_frameworks_base: Themes: graphics: ADB "N" icon compatible with OMS7

android_frameworks_base: Themes: SystemUI: Expose switch bar title

android_frameworks_base: Themes: Allow Navbar ripple color to be themed

android_frameworks_base: Themes: SystemUI: Use own drawables for QS expand icon

android_frameworks_base: Themes: Notifications: extend dynamic notification bool for ambient notifications

android_frameworks_base: Themes: Notification dynamic colors bool compatible with OMS7

android_frameworks_base: Themes: Notifications: Expose a bool to disable dynamic colors

android_frameworks_base: Extras: Add dynamic theme shutdown and boot animation support

android_frameworks_base: Extras: Add dynamic theme sound effects support

android_frameworks_base: ApplicationsState: add filter for Substratum overlays [2/2]

android_frameworks_base: ThemeSafety: Introduce App Crash Intent

android_frameworks_base: Hold "volume up" during boot to disable all overlays

android_frameworks_base: OMS: StrictMode and files under /data/system/theme/

android_frameworks_base: OMS: Add back overlay modified callback implementation

android_frameworks_base: base: Introduce SubstratumService

android_frameworks_base: Extras: Add dynamic theme fonts support for O

android_system_nfc: bcm2079x: Hardcode nci_ctrl_size to the Nougat value

android_system_nfc: bcm2079x: Add checks to prevent NULL pointer deference in gki_init_free_queue()

android_system_nfc: bcm2079x: Replace pthread_exit with return to avoid memory leak

android_system_nfc: bcm2079x: fix crash in userial_close_thread()

android_system_nfc: bcm2079x: fix chip id format strings

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: Update tunables for updated interactive governor

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: Use LTE icon instead of 4G in status bar when connected to an LTE network.


android_build_make: Move ART default properties into system partition

android_frameworks_base: storage: Set all sdcards to visible

android_frameworks_base: fwb: Add CarbonGestures

android_packages_apps_CarbonFibers: CF: Add CarbonGestures

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: Reveal the real codename

--- Changed on 2018-03-28 ---

android_vendor_carbon: Revert "vendor: remove Turbo APK"

--- Changed on 2018-03-25 ---

android_vendor_carbon: Add mata to the menu

--- Changed on 2018-03-24 ---

android_device_oppo_common: oppo_common: Carbon-ify

--- Changed on 2018-03-23 ---

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: Fix fsck and custom filesystem rules

--- Changed on 2018-03-22 ---

android_system_sepolicy: Revert "sepolicy: Conditionally restore support for legacy f_adb interface"

android_system_sepolicy: Revert "sepolicy: Fix up exfat and ntfs support"

android_system_sepolicy: Revert "sepolicy: Add missing exfat and fuseblk types"

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: Improve external storage rules

android_frameworks_base: CellularTile: stop annoying me, Google

android_system_sepolicy: add sload_f2fs permission

android_system_sepolicy: make_f2fs: grant rw to vold

android_system_sepolicy: Allow e2fs to format cache

android_system_sepolicy: Allow e2fs to rw devpts

android_system_sepolicy: treble sepolicy tests: Workaround /sbin services labels

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: common: Add sf_lcd_density_prop type and labelled props

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: common: Label sdfat as vfat

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: Cleanup context labelling for external sdcards

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: qcom: Fixing camera app not launching

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: Add policy for vendor.lineage.power HAL

android_device_carbon_sepolicy: sepolicy: suppress denial logspam

android: manifest: move from Lineage to omnirom FMRadio

android_device_sony_shinano-common: Revert "shinano: Boot selinux in permissive mode"

android_device_sony_z3c: z3c: vendor: Move device specific system configs into /vendor/etc

android_device_sony_z3: z3: vendor: Move device specific system configs into /vendor/etc

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: fix kernel denials

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Address more denials about audio and sensors And even more are on the way They probably aren't good

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: sepolicy: Address audioserver and memtrack denials

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: sepolicy: Allow anc property to be set by platform apps

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: sepolicy: Allow mm-qcamerad to persist.camera properties

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974: gps: remove symlink and use the normal gps_conf file from sdm845

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: sony-8974: GPS: Remove unused config files.

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974: vendor: Move device specific system configs into /vendor/etc

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974: camera: remove legacy hidl hal and use normal one

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974: camera: Disable unsupprted video stabilization

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: CameraWrapper: Store user pointer and pass it when needed

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974: Add wifi interface prop

android_kernel_sony_msm8974: defconfig: arm: sony: move bcmdhd firmwares to vendor

android_device_sony_sirius: sirius: vendor: Move device specific system configs into /vendor/etc

android_device_sony_castor_windy: castor-common: vendor: Move device specific system configs into /vendor/etc

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano: vendor: Move device specific system configs into /vendor/etc

android_device_sony_shinano-common: shinano: media: Create media_profiles_V1_0.xml

android_device_huawei_angler: update fingerprint to march opm3

--- Changed on 2018-03-21 ---

android_frameworks_base: PackageManager: Don't dereference mPlatfromPackage until available

android_frameworks_base: Fix random systemui crashes during cts test DO NOT MERGE

android_build_make: core: dex_preopt: don't include additional debug information on user builds

--- Changed on 2018-03-20 ---

android_device_sony_sepolicy: sepolicy: Add rules for persist.dispcal.setting

--- Changed on 2018-03-19 ---

android_system_core: Remove Foreground Boost CPUSet

android_system_core: init.rc: don't start console unless asked to

android_vendor_carbon: overlay: Disable SystemUI anti-falsing on lockscreen

--- Changed on 2018-03-17 ---

android_device_qcom_sepolicy: apq8084: kill qca1530 policy

android_device_qcom_sepolicy: sepolicy: Label mpctl_socket as data_file_type

--- Changed on 2018-03-16 ---

android_device_sony_common: common: use the AOSP json-c

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: Add poplar to vendorsetup

android_hardware_qcom_display: msm8998: gralloc1: disable UBWC if video encoder client has no support

android_hardware_qcom_bt: bt: use TARGET_BOARD_AUTO to override qcom hals

android_frameworks_base: BatteryService: Add Dash charging support

android_frameworks_base: fwb: ambient: Show battery level on bottom

android_device_sony_common: common: include widevine

android_device_sony_common: common: Track our own sepolicy repo

--- Changed on 2018-03-15 ---

android_device_google_taimen: taimen: remove AVB config

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: bring back calls to oppo/common

android_device_oneplus_msm8998-common: msm8998: add back dash overlays

android_packages_apps_Settings: Settings: Add System fragment to be launched externally

android_frameworks_base: fwb: fix intent to Settings in advanced reboot Dialog

--- Changed on 2018-03-14 ---

android_device_sony_z3: z3: move audio policy to shinano

android_frameworks_opt_net_wifi: wifi: don't check if WIFI_DRIVER_STATE_CTRL_PARAM is readable

android_frameworks_opt_net_wifi: wifi: Check whether dev node is accessible or not before opening

android_frameworks_opt_net_wifi: libwifi-hal: add flag to wait for kernel driver to get ready

--- Changed on 2018-03-13 ---

android_packages_services_Telephony: Add TD-SCDMA related network mode options

android_vendor_carbon: vendor: Update Default wallpaper

android_device_google_taimen: taimen: enable LED configs

android_packages_apps_Settings: SimSettings: Handle NoClassDefFoundError on devices without telephony-ext

android_packages_apps_Settings: MSIM: Fix user set DDS sub in hotswap cases.

android_packages_apps_Settings: SimSettings: Improve dialogs

android_packages_apps_Settings: SimSettings: Correctly disable sim switch without SIM card

android_packages_apps_Settings: SimSettings: Port manual provisiong support

android_packages_apps_Settings: Settings: Add notification channel for SIM selection

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: Revert "Default Data connection with Single SIM"

android: Track the lineage fm radio app

android_frameworks_opt_telephony: Default Data connection with Single SIM

android_device_sony_msm8974-common: msm8974-common: Overlay: Enable led color for notifications and battery

android_packages_apps_Settings: BatteryLightPreferenceController: Properly guard against NPEs if no Battery LED is existing

android_device_moto_shamu: shamu: Add back LED configs

android_device_sony_shinano-common: msm8974:Use proper seclabel for charger service

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Adjust the accent so it changes with the system's accent

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: IT translation

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: RU translation

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Grid size: change columns/rows only for workspace, not the app drawer

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Add options to change grid sizes

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Hide or show date and weather: make top area available

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Option to hide/show search bars

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: RU translation

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Allow to hide or show date and weather

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: RU translation

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Whitelist Google widgets

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Allow to hide the swipe up arrow indicator

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Fix Hide Apps preference FC after packagename change

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Fix not working weather and Google now feed automatic theme

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Apps drawer search bar: make search text color dynamic

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Adjust Credits dialog layout

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Fix reset apps strings

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Build pixel proto inline and cleanup

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Disable Google now related options if Google now is not installed

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Hide only default hidden apps in the widget panel, not user ones

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Fix more broadcast logspam

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Hide some apps by default and fix FC when hiding all most used apps

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Make hide apps recyclerview smooth

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Added reset option to 'hide app' feature

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Hide Apps option: show hidden apps at top of the list

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: RU translation

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Fix service binding logspam

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Switch from prebuilt java to clean aidl

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Use dark search bar in home screen for dark theme

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Use dark search bar in app drawer for dark theme

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Better abc logo by Dmitry Gavrilov

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Create README.md from the Reddit thread

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Update version name to 3.1

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Use darker navigation bar for older Android versions

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Align all apps search bar by rounding translationY to the nearest pixel

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Sync launcher theme with system dark/light theme

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Add abc flare

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: ITA strings

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Change the Settings theme to match System Settings' theme

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Add 'app drawer' category, fix 'At the glance' preference

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Organize Settings / redesign credits

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Launcher3: disable DOTS_ONLY for badge renderer

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Update each calendar once on date change, use the correct package name

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Fix Hide Apps activity FC

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Hide apps menu: save on app check/uncheck

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Launcher3: Integrate Hidden apps option into Settings

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Launcher3: implement hidden app feature

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Launcher3: use simple set wallapper chooser

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Go straight to home when exiting from launcher settings

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Disable listeners when not needed

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Gestures: fix double-tap power

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Gesures: add dt2sleep

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Make AmirZ's Pixel Launcher source buildable within rom somehow

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Use a bottom margin when a software navigation bar is not in use

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Hardcode Oreo settings style on older Android versions

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Add quick search box to hotseat and app drawer

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Add NexusLauncher overlay, callbacks and activity code

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Backport Pixel's Oreo colours to older Android versions

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Switch to NexusLauncherActivity for main activity

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Add search callback for Pixel's exclusive new search layout

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Add custom icon pack support

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Add custom app predictions

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Switch to custom Pixel Launcher SettingsActivity

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Replace old search box with Smartspace

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Filter Google Wallpapers, Voice Search and Now Launcher from apps list

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Use Google Wallpapers to select a wallpaper when available

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Change Launcher3 application name to Pixel Launcher

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Add DoubleShadowTextView and IcuDateTextView for Smartspace

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Implement dynamic clock and calendar icons

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Add utilities for other Pixel Launcher classes

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Use icon colour for notification dots

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Import Pixel Launcher colors, dimensions and attributes

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Add colored and monochrome G icon for the search bar

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Swipe down to open notifications, up to close them

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Decompile Search and Smartspace data wrappers and convert to Proto

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Import Google Sans Regular TTF

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Update version name to 3.0

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Add 6 by 6 icons display profile for low DPI setups

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Use Pixel 2 (Small/XL) display size profiles

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Replace application icon with Pixel Launcher icon

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Don't try to update shortcuts outline before Nougat

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Catch Samsung Secure Folder throwing SecurityException

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Backport 8.1 wallpaper color extraction to Lollipop+

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Pull necessary translations from Pixel Launcher

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Add implementation for Google Now overlay

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Extract ILauncherOverlay from Pixel Launcher and convert to AIDL

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Uxe Pixel Launcher package name instead of Launcher3

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Bring-up for Android Studio building

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Only hide keyboard when dragging on Marshmallow+

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Only rebind for notifications on Nougat+

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Prevent crash from missing close method on older APIs

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Show a notification dots setting for Marshmallow+

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Backport notification dots to Marshmallow and higher

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Use centered popup animation when left/right is outside of screen bounds

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Use proper Search Apps text position before Nougat

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Show adaptive icon shape selection without developer settings enabled

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Disable adaptive icons for pre-Oreo apps

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Resize app drawer when keyboard is shown

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Ensure app drawer spring is removed after opening drawer

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Prevent OEM display size customization by specifying it was not found

android_packages_apps_Launcher3: Fallback to wallpaper picker if wallpaper_picker_package is missing

--- Changed on 2018-03-12 ---

android_vendor_carbon: createWallpaper: Add pngquant and move to tools

android_frameworks_base: Add api to force show led lights

android_frameworks_base: GlobalActions: Fix airplane mode switch for MSIM

android_frameworks_base: base: add support for fast charging LED

android_frameworks_base: base: allow battery LED to be configurable [1/2]

android_frameworks_base: Allow to customize notification channels led light [2/2]

android_frameworks_base: mountservice: Don't nuke all volumes when decrypting

android_frameworks_base: mountservice: Shut down volumes before restarting framework

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: add more notification snooze times

android_frameworks_base: SystemUI: Vibrate on plug [1/2]

android_frameworks_base: Allow adjusting screen density to smaller sizes.

android_frameworks_base: Enable three icon switching within QS DND tile

android_frameworks_base: Play sound for charging events

android_frameworks_base: Collapse Notification panel after tapping CLEAR ALL button

android_frameworks_base: Fix empty recents view in multi window mode

android_frameworks_base: Add support for extended formats

android_frameworks_base: AppOps: Do not prune apps that are not present

android_frameworks_base: connectivity: Configure additional TCP parameters

android_frameworks_base: aapt: Fix compiler warning (clobbered by longjmp)

android_frameworks_base: aapt: add check for untranslatable "string-array"s

android_frameworks_base: aapt: Use a std::map instead of a SortedVector

android_frameworks_base: Guard in short-circuit evaluations for stringSplit methods.

android_frameworks_base: Camera: Don't throw exceptions when value pairs have spaces in them

android_frameworks_base: Fix another AddAccountSettings memory leak

android_frameworks_base: GlobalActions: Set the initial status of airplane mode toggle

android_frameworks_base: framework: fix screenshot and rotation animation for devices with abnormal hw rotation

android_frameworks_base: [1/2] base: unlink notification volume is back

android_frameworks_base: base: lock: Allow skipping secure discard of Screen Lock keys

android_packages_apps_Settings: Settings: Rework Battery LED for margaritov color picker

android_packages_apps_Settings: Disable useless alpha slider for notification lights color picker

android_packages_apps_Settings: App notification led customization: activate led preview

android_packages_apps_Settings: Color picker: allow to activate ongoing led light as color preview

android_packages_apps_Settings: Color Picker: fix dead dialog showing under the new one after rotation

android_packages_apps_Settings: Improve color picker layout / cleaned up some of the code

android_packages_apps_Settings: margaritov color picker: add a proper landscape layout

android_packages_apps_Settings: Colorpicker and customseekbar: add method to set default values

android_packages_apps_Settings: Change color picker reset icon

android_packages_apps_Settings: Color picker reset button: refresh color preview on click

android_packages_apps_Settings: Color Picker: don't show picker on click if preference is disabled

android_packages_apps_Settings: Color picker: don't show keyboard on start

android_packages_apps_Settings: Color picker pref: allow tap also on the text to show the picker

android_packages_apps_Settings: ColorPickerPreference: Introduce set default button when attribute is set

android_packages_apps_Settings: Added modded marginov color picker

android_packages_apps_Settings: Allow to customize notification channels led light [1/2]

android_packages_apps_Settings: base: Add General Strings to cr strings

android_packages_apps_Settings: BatteryLightSettings: Clean up interface and presentation

android_packages_apps_Settings: Settings: Switch battery light to a PreferenceController

android_packages_apps_Settings: Settings: allow battery LED to be configurable [2/2]

android_packages_apps_Settings: fuelgauge: add back battery level animation

android_packages_apps_Settings: Settings: add support for battery usage stats

android_packages_apps_Settings: Settings: Vibrate on plug [2/2]

android_packages_apps_Settings: Settings: add animations in WifiSettings

android_packages_apps_Settings: Can't go back to previous screen after going to APN settings

android_packages_apps_Settings: Refresh UI on force stop/disable

android_packages_apps_Settings: Improve app info screen

android_packages_apps_Settings: Allow sorting Applications by size

android_packages_apps_Settings: Enable fast scroll for all app list views

android_packages_apps_Settings: USBMode: add dialog for mode selection

android_packages_apps_Settings: Default apps settings disappear when switching to secondary user