GDPR and How It Effects You

GDPR and How It Effects You

So, what is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in the European Union Law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU). What that means is, we are required to disclose what we do with your information, who we give it to, and if we give you the option and opportunity to opt-out of giving us that info. Here at CarbonROM, we only collect personal information from our users when you register on our Gerrit instance, and the information we collect is only used to make sure that users get recognition for each and every line of code that they submit to our Gerrit instance, and when we send out email notifications relating to those contributions.


Derivative data collection:

We do collect derivative data, for example, what browser you’re using, and IP-address when you visit our site in our server logs, Google Adsense, Google Analytics. CarbonROM servers are owned and maintained by Ehlo Holdings LLC, and so that is the only third party company that has access to such information, and per our privacy policy and theirs, they will never sell your data.


Opt-out of data collection:

We do allow users to browse our sites without giving out personal information, and users are still able to browse our site while blocking cookies and Google Analytics. Although we don’t do anything nefarious with that derivative data, we understand that everyone wants to be in charge of their data and we will ALWAYS notify users when we make any changes to our privacy policy, and when any affiliated companies update their privacy policy.


If you’re wanting us to give you a copy of the data that we have for you, or even request it to be deleted, please fill out this form here:

Once we receive that request, we will get back to you to verify that it’s actually you making that request (don’t wanna give out your data to just anyone).


As always, happy flashing and enjoy your weekend.


– Ryan Norris

Project Lead & Compliance Manager

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