New Devices and May Security Patches

New Devices and May Security Patches

We know, we know. It’s been more than a week already. Last few weeks have been rough as everyone was (and still is) occupied with studies and exams.

However, in the few minutes we were able to spare some very interesting things changed.

Along with the typical under the hood performance improvements you’ll mainly notice the following:

  • As of today, the May Security Patches (OPM2.171019.029.B1) have been merged, see for more.
  • Access issues with external media (like SDCards) have been fixed
  • An issue with AOD, Screen off Animations and Auto Rotation causing App FCs has been fixed.
  • HAL1 recording on legacy devices has been fixed. That means 4K Video Recording and 720p at 120FPS for the Xperia Z2/Z3/Z3 Compact/Z2 Tablet

Along with the fixes, we’re happy to announce that new maintainers joined the team and old maintainers got their devices back up for Oreo. That means that Noct now additionally supports these devices:

  • Google Pixel (sailfish)
  • Google Pixel XL (marlin)
  • Google Nexus 4 (mako)
  • Xiaomi Mi A1 (tissot)

More devices are getting finalized as you read this, and we’re always happy to welcome new maintainers too! When you have a device running Carbon and you want to support it officially, just make sure its running on enforced SELinux and on user builds, then send us an email to

Happy secure updating and (for the shinano users) happy video recording 🙂

See you next week (or relatively soon after that ;))

P.S. We noticed that plenty of you reported issues with the error message to update the vendor partition at boot (even when your device doesn’t have one). That’s caused by some recently merged commits that needed Device sided updates, which didn’t made it into this weeks build for all devices (sorry for that). HOWEVER: It is ONLY a Display error. There is no impact on the ROM or anything. We’ll fix it in next weeks build. Sorry for the inconveniences.

P.S. To the tissot users: As our builds are custom signed, the payload.bin is signed with out keys. If that key doesn’t match the one in /etc/update_engine/ the build will fail to flash.

On other devices this has been solved inside TWRP already (the signature check is disabled there), however that doesn’t seem to be the case for tissots official TWRP yet. We therefore made a zip to replace the key with ours that you need to flash before the the Carbon Build. You can find it here. As this is a ramdisk file, the edits will be gone after a TWRP reboot, so you need to flash it before every time you want to update. We’re working on fixing TWRP ASAP.


  • Very nice job, but on my xperia xz premium update is not working. After switching to todys build, i get error ” Your vendor imgae does not match the system. Please flash the OPM2.171019.029.B1….”

    • That’s caused by some recently merged commits that needed Device sided updates that didn’t made it into this weeks build (sorry for that). HOWEVER: It is ONLY a Display error. There is no impact on the ROM or anything. We’ll fix it in next weeks build. Sorry for the issues.

      • no chance to get it work. After this error-message i get the info, that my encryption code is correct, but data is damaged. Then i only can get back into TWRP and flash the older version from last week back. After that, my device is working again…

        • Likely an unrelated issue then… I swear I hate this phone and it’s permanent tendencies to suicidal behaviour. I’ll take a look ASAP. Till then, please file a bugreport on for better documentation.

          • Interested to try Carbon for the Xperia XZ Premium (and agree regarding suicidal tendencies). As such, with the DRM issues on stock unless they are patched no camera works properly. I know I’d be using a 3rd party OEM/Google camera with this ROM. With Carbon are there any lingering DRM issues with respect to the camera?

          • We’re using the camera drivers from the Sony Open Development Project here. Those are standalone and developed aside from the stock drivers. Therefore they don’t share that issue.
            The AOSP drivers are slightly worse in terms of camera quality but there’s a WIP solution to deal with one of its biggest issues ATM.

            TL;DR: No green issue, slightly worse overall quality.

  • Thanks for the reply on the camera. Interested in the WIP solution when it comes. So am I to gather Carbon needs both the Sony Open drivers and the AOSP ones?

    The camera (and sound to some degree) was the reason I grabbed this device so I’d like to preserve what quality I can and thus the reason I’ve been keeping it stock and then applying a modded kernel and DRM patch. So, if Carbon can work for me, I’m thinking I might go there and simply play with Viper to get the sound I want.

    I’m used to lots of modding as a former SGS, SGS3 and Nexus 6p user. I’ve found it pretty frustrating that Sony theoretically supports Android development, only to permanently bork the best feature of this device when you unlock your bootloader. Very little custom development for it means there are pretty limited options once you do.

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