Powerful August Updates and Tasty Cake

Another month, another set of CarbonROM builds with the latest security patches from Google.

It’s been quite the hectic August so far with the random Android Pie drop and all. Luckily for A/B partitioned devices, we implemented some changes right before the ROM bring up master race happened. Those specific devices are now supported by the new implementation of backuptools, where user’s Google apps will survive updates being installed during runtime. The catch is that it only officially supports MindTheGapps as OpenGapps misses the proper addon.d support, and due to that, custom recoveries and other related modifications (excluding Magisk, which has proper support) will be removed too.

As a cherry on top, some devices will get to test our new Power tile. It is darjwx’s first original feature contribution and we’re proud to say that he did very well :).

Now back to the Android Pie drop… for those following our progress at the CarbonBeta repos, you can see that the core-team and ROM developers have been working around the clock to bring up the new source. Some of us are already using CarbonBeta builds as daily drivers with some minor bugs here and there. It is only a matter of days before we begin to push our base to the CarbonROM repos so stay tuned.

As for Noct builds: we will keep our monthly release schedule with bug fixes and security patches. In favour of working on our Pie releases and getting the first officials done as soon as possible there won’t be any new features coming to Noct anymore. We hope you are as excited for that to happen as we are.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We discovered a bug in CarbonDelta that lists no valid update due to the name change from WEEKLY to RELEASE. That means you need to manually update your build. RELEASE -> RELEASE will be fine again, so this is a onetime action. Sorry for the inconveniences.


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