Welcome and farewell

Hey there,

Who’d have though, it’s been yet another week again.

This week we need to start of with some bad news. After ongoing debates (mainly between me and myself) we had to drop the Sony Xperia X Performance, XZ, XZ1 and XZ Premium. Here is the full statement for the X Performance and XZ I just published in the XDA threads.

Some of you might’ve seen it already. There is no new weekly for kagura this week. The reason is because I decided to drop support for it. Due to constantly reoccurring issues with devicetrees from Sony (the sonyxperiadev github) and the stubbornness of other developers involved as well as their unwillingness to accept/see obvious issues paired with the lack of time I am suffering from which makes it impossible for me to fix things at the moment I decided to make a cut and stop it here.
I couldn’t longer justify the terrible performance and issues the official builds had, especially given that there is no light visible at the end of the tunnel.

I am sorry for the few people that liked the ROM and were willing to live with the ROM.

Also I’ve been told that “All the performance issues will be fixed on the 4.9 Kernel”. Honestly that’s been an ongoing theme and I don’t think it will be anywhere near stock performance. If however hell freezes over and 4.9 will magically fix all issues, I’ll make the devices rejoin the official roaster. Realistically that won’t happen before P though.

I mightĀ attempt a stock bringup based on the perfectly working yoshino one at some point, however I have no clue if that would work, nor how long that might take.

If you’re looking for an alternative for now, I’d recommend OmniROM. Great devs and I enjoy working with them on various things.

I will keep you updated on the potential stock bringup, just don’t expect anything to happen anytime soon and PLEASE don’t be mad if nothing happens at all, it’s really just an experiment for now.

You probably see yoshino, the XZ1 and XZ Premium platform getting mentioned there. That’s right. I’m finishing up the final touches on the XZ1 and XZ Premium stock bringup at the moment. So far the Performance is kicking ass, Camera is on a decent almost stock like level, and the previously terrible working Fingerprint sensors works flawless. (So the three main concerns are fixed). Of cause everything else is fine too šŸ™‚ The XZ1 and XZ Premium will therefore rejoin the official weeklies very soon.

Now, on to good news. We extended our supported devices yet again. A new maintainer joined the team and we now official support theĀ ZUK Z2 PlusĀ (z2_plus). Additionally, theĀ Xiaomi Redmi 3sĀ (land) rejoined the roaster.

The builds appeared on the website yesterday and are ready to get downloaded.

That is… once we fixed the SSL cert on mirrorbits.carbonrom.org. We’re working on that. Really. You can use our mirror over at basketbuild.com to get your builds until the SSL issue is fixed.

See you next week.



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