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A new Hope

Most you of probably noticed already. We surely didn’t have the most reliable Server host.

After a total 12 days of downtime they eventually told us that our data is lost. Again. Not more than 4 weeks after they replaced the HDDs because they were faulty and caused a partial dataloss.

As we said on twitter already, we do not longer host our Infrastructure at CloudSouth. Also we HIGHLY recommend you not to do so either. We understand that Hardware faults can happen, but the way their support works (or doesn’t) and the amount of time they take to respond to support requests is unacceptable.

However, there’s also good news. We’re now running a c2.medium.x86 (which, apart from it’s name, is anything but medium) thanks to a sponsorship from! Big thanks to them for their super awesome support and immediate response. We really appreciate it.

Most of our infrastructure is back already, and the last bits will follow tomorrow (that is along with a new set of builds for both, Oreo and Pie.

The Oreo builds are, simply said, because we are too lazy to manually add the builds to the database again. The Pie builds will be a normal weekly release and contain plently of bugfixes about issues we got reported on the initial builds.

Small Changelog:

You should get your usual Update Notification on CarbonDelta. However, due to data loss there we won’t provide a delta update this time, so don’t be afraid when CarbonDelta asks you to download a full update.

As always, let us know when there’s any other Bugs or Feature Requests.

Happy Flashing!