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One Ring to bind them

I know, my headlines can be very confusing at times. However I promise it makes sense this time.

Today is the day that Joe and Kennedy were looking forward to since Christmas of 2017. It’s their wedding day.

From everyone in the team we wish them lots of love and happiness!

Some of you might wonder why we brought that up. The reason is that the CarbonROM team had a crucial role in their engagement. You can read the full story on Android Central.

As for the typical stuff: Wednesday’s builds included the May Security Bulletin based on PQ3A.190505.002. This update took a little longer than usually because we decided to follow Googles lead and went for a full ROM rebased on top of the latest Tag. Along with that, we merged in the latest CAF changes on telephony and encryption related repositories, which helped to fix FDE on the devices where this had been an issue before (like the OnePlus 3 and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4).

Other than that we also finally managed to bring back the Pixel 2 XL after fixing multiple issues with it.

That said and with the sources and server issues properly settled now, we’re aiming for more devices to be supported soon (A few are already planned to join next week) and we’re still actively accepting maintainers. Just shoot us a quick email to with your sources and a little about yourself.

As always, happy flashing.