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Of roman gods, peace and IKEA closets

Today, we’re here to announce the latest and greatest revision of CarbonROM. CR-8.0 will be codenamed PAX, after the latin word for peace and Pax, the roman godess for peace.

PAX is based on Android 10 with the April Security patches and is coming to a total of 18 devices. These are:

Starting with the builds on the 9th of September, the following device will join the official list:

There are many more devices scheduled to release soon after a proper recovery solution has been sorted out for them.

We are proud to say, that PAX is by far the most complete and unique release of CarbonROM we ever had. New features have been introduced and existing features have been polished to match our standards. That means, for example, that custom battery styles have been rewritten in Kotlin to fit the Android 10 codestyle while keeping and extending their features from Android 9.

We also brought back custom fonts as you know them from previous revisions of CarbonROM. The included fonts as well as font packages created on can be applied systemwide, including on userapps. That means browsing reddit with Comic Sans MS is no longer a problem ;)

There’s also been many quality of life improvements all over the place, and your now greeted by a new Setup Wizzard walking you through setting up Carbon.

All that happened while keeping our main focus on delivering a smooth and bugfree ROM in mind, and we’re confident you will agree with us that this succeeded.

All of this would not have been possible without the contributions of all our team members. Which brings us to the next topic:

Carbon is growing!

Starting with Android 10, the CarbonROM Team will be joined by the former team of AquariOS. We’ve been working together in the past already, and with them joining the team we look forward to making CarbonROM even greater! We’d also like to welcome our new maintainers and me2151, who claims to do nothing but is a great addition to the core team!

As always, make sure to reach out to us on Discord, Telegram or via email if you need any support, encounter bugs or just want to chat with us.

Happy flashing!

P.S: Like Opal, followup updates will arrive Weekly on Wednesdays.

P.P.S: As we’ve been asked a lot, you can now find a few screenshots of what to expect here.