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June Security Patches and farewell to Noct

As many noticed already, this weekly had been delayed by a day.

This was caused by the rebase on top of the latest Android 10 Release 37 (QQ3A.200605.001) branches and the required testing that followed. We tried to test everything as good as we can but, as always, with new changes there can be issues, so make sure to let us know if you find something we missed. These weeklies are building right now and should be online soon.

Speaking of issues: There’s been reports on the past of very occasional freezes when trying to open apps which seem to fix themself after a few seconds. We gathered a few logs but unfortunately the issue is very hard to reproduce and the logs are not fully conclusive. If you encounter the issue, please try to grab a log and send it to us on the usual support platforms.

As for Noct: We had to take the hard decision to stop supporting Noct. We just lack the time to continue putting effort into it. That means the May release of Noct builds will be the last official builds. We continue working on bringing newer revisions of Carbon to the devices that are now no longer officially supported but, as usual, there won’t be any ETA or list of which devices will be added to newer versions.

It is currently planned that Opal will continue to get security patches until, at least, our official Android R release.

With that said, Happy updating and please continue sending us logs so that we can fix remaining issues!