CarbonROM Blog

A small update on recent changes

Greetings everyone

First of all, we’d like to start off by wishing you a happy new year from everyone at the CarbonROM Team.

Now onto the news we go:

As you probably noticed, we moved PAX to a Monthly cycle now. The reason behind this is that we want to fully focus on Q (which has yet to receive a full codename). We therefore set PAX on Feature Freeze and it will only receive bugfixes and security patches from now on. The only user-facing changes to that are less frequent updates and the change from Weekly to Release. You can upgrade to a Release coming from a Weekly without problems.

As for Q: We are still very busy with the bringup and progress wise are still a little behind of what we had planned, mostly because we decided to rework a few things and that is taking longer than we anticipated.

Either way, we are confident that it will be worth it in the future and we are looking forward to deliver you the typical Carbon experience soon(ish).